We have been setting milestones since four decades. We have defined milestones in this area. New patents are pending. Our spirit of invention is unbroken. Here are the most important stages of our work:

2019 - The Harvey Briese Focus 180 and 220 are released and Briese celebrates it´s 40th company anniversary. 

2017 - The focus reflector is adapted; a new fabric is being used for the reflector, and allows higher level of reflection. It´s fire and heat-resistant and there is no fading of the fabric or material fatigue. 

2015 - The focus 180, 220 and 330 can now be used with 6KW HMI. 

2008 - A new patent is registered; the Briese facer, focus 111, focus 115 and focus 130 see the light of day and set new standards. 

2007 - The e-focus allows, for the first time, a precise, remote-controlled focusing of studio lighting directly from the location of the camera. 

2006 - Extension of the HMI system to 4KW; Adaptions for Hensel, Profoto i.a.

2000 - Opening of Briese Studios and Rent.

1996 - The fundamental principle of the patented focus system sets standards, until today, regarding quality of light, luminous efficiency and range. 

1982 - The modulsystem with foldable reflector capture the market: small, light and compact.

1979 - Founding of Briese Lichttechnik

1977 - The BRIESE sun in combination with the Spacematic lamp: 2x6000W´s offer great opportunities with light modulation. 

1975 - THE innovation in the world of photography; the round glass fibre-parabol reflector SR-1100 and SR-2200 with adjustable flash tubes in the center.

1960er - The HazyLight is the first angular reflector made of glass fibre, with a light source within the focus-point.