BRIESE Lichttechnik
Waypoints our work


For three decades, Briese sets standard for studio lighting. We set milestones in this area. New patents are pending, because our spirit of invention continues unabated. Here are the most important stages of our work:

1977 The patented reflector SR-1100 was the first to create an incomparable crisp, sun-like light. Due to its high content of directional light, it was THE reflector for photographers seeking an alternative to standard soft light of that time.
1977 The patented flash tube Spacematic 6000 was the first light source, that was moveable inside a glass-fiber plastic reflector and revolutionized the whole principle of light modulation.
1982 The module system was the first foldable reflector on the market.
1996 The patented Focus System sets up new standards in terms of quality of light-yield and diversity.
2009 Thanks to the E-focus you are able to have a precise and remote-controlled focusing of the studio light from the cameras position for the first time.
2013 The Focus.2 replaced the old patent. Facer, Focus 111, Focus 115 and Focus 130 see the light of day and set new standards.